100% Biodegradable Bamboo & Charcoal Toothbrushes (4PC)

100% Biodegradable Bamboo & Charcoal Toothbrushes (4PC)


-Set of 4 toothbrushes that can last you up to a year or more!

-Our toothbrushes are natural, eco-friendly, and 100% biodegradable.

– Soft, BPA Free Bristles: The bristles are made of soft nylon and charcoal. This toothbrush not only helps protects the environment but your gums as well! This brush has you covered as most dentists suggest using soft bristles to ensure the protection of your gums and enamel. Charcoal is an amazing ingredient as it is known to naturally clean and whiten our teeth! It is extremely effective in absorbing plaque and other compounds that stain your teeth.

-Biodegradable Wooden Handle:
What’s great about this toothbrush is that the majority of it is completely biodegradable so by buying a pack you are helping to reduce the earth’s plastic waste! The handle fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to grasp.

-Box Created from Recyclable Materials:
What’s even better is that the packaging for these toothbrushes has been recycled and remade in the past. This continues the important cycle of recycling.



-10% of our annual sales goes to Oceana, an organization dedicated to preserving our oceans.

-Our Delivery Packaging:
Not only do we create eco-friendly products, but we also package sustainably. BiotifulGood’s packaging is 100% recyclable. NO PLASTIC!